Download Pokemon Light Platinum Game ROM – Game Boy Advance


Engish Description

Pokemon Light Platinum is really good hack rom of Pokemon Ruby. The completed hack has many new features and some Pokemon Generation 4th available.

Official Web Site:


  • New Region ZHERY
  • New Leaders and Elite Four
  • New Rivals
  • Pokémons of all Regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoen, Sinnoh)
  • Trips to another areas
  • All Pokemons Legendaries
  • All New sprites
  • All New events
  • All New Tiles
  • New Final Event: Pokemon World Championship

rom infos

  • Pokemon Rom Base: Pokemon Ruby
  • Language: English
  • Hacker: WesleyFG
  • Region: ZHERY


video trailers


File Name: Pokemon_Light_Platinum_Full_English.rar
Region: USA
Download Pokemon Light Platinum Game ROM

File Name: Pokemon_Light_Platinum_Portugal_Completed_1.1.rar
Download Pokemon Light Platinum (Portugal) Game ROM


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