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Pokemon Mitic Island Description

Pokemon Mitic Island is a Spainish hack rom of Pokemon Ruby with different gameplay. Some new features in Pokemon Mitic Island are: new version, new graphics (D/P, FR, Crystal & RSE Remix), argument based on the first version of Island Pk Mitic, new events, completely new people(Friends, Rivals, enemies, etc.), an adventure completely different from what we know as Pokemon Ruby.

Pokemon Mitic Island Story

The inhabitants of Mitic Island, are terrified, and you have been chosen to take care of the island. There is a problem, the legendaries have escaped from their orginial regions (Kanto, Johto & Sinnoh) Where they live, professor Eliza and the inhabitants of that island, due to one
mutasion of the powerful Lugia, the Dark Lugia that, instead of to maintain La Paz in the island, is bringing about a terrible chaos. However, there also exists a powerful Band of villains. The Umbreon equipment, that at all costs intends to seize this great and amazingly powerful beast.

rom infos

  • Pokemon Rom Base: Pokemon Ruby
  • Language: Spain
  • Hacker: Alexmad
  • Region: Mitic Island


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File Name: Pokemon_Mitic_Island_Spain_Beta_1.rar
Region: Spain
Download Pokemon Mitic Island Game ROM
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