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Pokemon Never Black & White Description

Pokemon Never Black & White is a hack of Pokemon Ruby in Spainish. You will be a trainer and travel throw the region of Nevermind to discover your past. An amazing adventure. This game has a new Region with a new story line, new graphics, new things, events and scripts, missions, with mystery towns…

Pokemon Never Black & White Story

You wake up without remembering anything but your name in a strange place, and when you meet your first ally, BRENDA WHISKEY (BW), she will give you your first Pokémon, that will help you to achieve your only objective, that it isnt to defeat the team RATKET or to rescue the girl of DALKIAMON… Its to remember your past.

Throw the adventure you will have to ally with some enemies, to betray some “friends”, and you will need the gym badges to be able to travel throw the region which is full of policeman.

You will meet professor FLOYD, her sister, with LANCE, with ZéFIRO, with the strange BRUNO WASTER, with the members of the clan PLAS.TI.LIN.A. and the ones that will follow you to anywhere: KURT and COURTNEY… and many more…

And the most important… You will find out that the past of some people, of a certain Pokémon and a certain place is related to you…

You will need something else?

rom infos

  • Pokemon Rom Base: Pokemon Ruby
  • Language: Spainish
  • Hacker: SkOria
  • Region: Nevermind


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File Name: Pokemon_Never_Black_&_White_Spain_Beta_1.rar
Region: Spain
Download Pokemon Never Black & White Game ROM


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