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Pokemon Omega Description

Pokemon Omega is a hack version of Pokemon FireRed in English. It is published in Beta 1. Some new features of this game:

  • New Region – The Majorly changing region of Hento is the setting in this hack
  • New tiles – Cool new tiles in nearly every map!
  • Headbutt Trees – New Headbutt trees with a wide veriatary of Pokemon
  • Berry Trees – New Berry Tree system
  • D/P/Pt Pokémon – 25 DPP Pokemon inserted into the game
  • JNew Titlescreen – New Titlescreen thanks to Thraces tut
  • Different Regions – Meet familiar people and travel to different regions

Pokemon Omega Story

“In the begining there was nothing when suddenl there was a massive bang that shook the univerese. It created the light, the dark, the planets the Pokemon the Humans. But with this new life came a curse. It was all doomed to fall into a nightmare. Darkrai appeared and threw it into chao’s. Acrius was able to stop him and seal himself and the curse away for a millienia. Now that millenia is up and the world will be throwen into chaos once more!”

You are the child who has no idea about the legand. You life with your mother in a small village called Harrow Point.
Your father has been missing for several years. But life goes on for you and your mother. She asks you to go to Northcote City to collect a parcel for her.
While you are walking you see someone who looks strangly like your father. He is talking with some suspisious looking men.
They notice you and run away. When you get to Northcote you met the Proffeser who has the package for your mum. He explans that your father was an important scientist for the Hento region Research center. But he fell into heavy debt with an unknowen corporation and dissapeared.
When you get home you tell your mother what he told you. After you tell her she sighs and says it’s best for you to leave and find you own answers.
What will happen in the lonely world out there. What kind of adventures awaight our young hero.
Play the game and find out!

rom infos

  • Pokemon Rom Base: Pokemon FireRed
  • Language: English
  • Hacker: Mac_Mini


video trailers


File Name: Pokemon_Omega_English_Beta_1.rar
Region: USA
Download Pokemon Omega Game ROM
Pokemon Omega Game ROM Mirror Download 1
Pokemon Omega Game ROM Mirror Download 2

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