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Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends Description

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends is a hack version of Pokemon Ruby US. It is also a remake version of the first hack of the hacker destinedjagold. It is fixed many bugs to play, he has also add many features to this game:

  • New region to explore, GENTO, consists of four main islands; LORINA, SELARO, BORORA and RETAZO
  • D/P PKMN available.
  • Play as the heroes in FireRed/LeafGreen
  • New story, rivals and chain of events
  • New tiles
  • All legendaries obtainable
  • Baby Lugia and Shadow Lugia, the special PKMNs in the hack

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends Story

Your brother has called upon you and your mother to live in the region where he is the Gym Leader of Snow Soft City in the region of GENTO. There, you arrived and decided to live in Sun Ford Town, where you’ll get your first POKEMON to begin your very own journey.

Try and stop the evil plots of the two evil gangs, Luminous Cenaries, who’s vision is to overcast the world with sunlight, and ROYAL DARKNESS, which tries to shade the world with darkness…

But time won’t tell what’s in store for you in the future. You’ll be embarked on a journey to save the world from XD001, or better known as Shadow Lugia.

You’ll meet several POKEMON that will help you stop the key of destruction.
Are you ready to face the reality of the future..? Only time can tell.

Event Story

In the future, CELEBI saw BLITZ destroying RENTELBUD CITY with SHADOW LUGIA, and so it decided to go back in time to ask for help, and at the perfect timing, you were chosen to stop BLITZ, but you were just too late. Because you destroyed the balance of events in the future, you acquired the special key to restore everything as you went near the time of the future…

PALKIA appeared in FRANCIA FOREST to transport you in a different dimension, for BLITZ and KRONA asked PALKIA to do so, for they have something that will help you restore the balance in your dimension.

LUGIA was caught by ROYAL DARKNESS and planned to use this powerful PKMN to achieve their goal, to overcast the globe with darkness… But then you showed up and stopped them, for you fear that maybe the future will be the same that you have seen when CELEBI took you in a trip for a lifetime. But then, you realized you were the cause why BLITZ in the future was under SHADOW LUGIA’s control and destroying the GENTO Region, and so you set your sight on getting things right and you decided to rescue BLITZ in DARK ISLE, just to prevent the future from happening, which so you did successfully.

rom infos

  • Pokemon Rom Base: Pokemon Ruby
  • Language: English
  • Hacker: destinedjagold
  • Region: Gento


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File Name: Pokemon_Ruby_Destiny_Reign_Of_Legends_English_Beta_4.rar
Region: USA
Download Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends Game ROM


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